Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm 3 years old, can you believe it?

Hey Dad!

It was a pretty good day on my 3rd birthday. Wow, I'm getting old and Gary even found 3 gray hairs on my head. He said that's a whole lot less than you have though. For my birthday party last night, I got some chocolate cake (which THEY ate), and I got a new toy made of 2-inch PVC (but Sayer thought it was his and took it away), and I got my first taste of real musshy canned dog food but only after Homer stole 2/3 of it. But I was left with a lot of love and hugs from everybody and best of all, amongst all the confusion, I could have sworn I heard your voice! Strange. Yea, I miss you too but we're getting along both fine aren't we? Love you forever, Dear sweet loveable Zane! PS: Say Hi to all, including Claudia, Grandma, Parka, and that rug-rat Cuzzie.

Comments: Hope you enjoyed your chocolate cake! Love, Dad

Yeah to Zane - he will make a wonderful therapy dog. Thanks to doing this with him . . . he has SO much to give!Love you all, ClaudiaClaudia Faubion <> ________________________________From: Gary Johnpeer [] Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 9:04 AMTo: Richard Faubion; Claudia Faubion; Vicki Johnpeer; Kim Johnpeer; Katie JohnpeerSubject: ZaneHey y'all Got this note from Jan. She was the AKC evaluator who tested Zane for the "canine good citizen" test on Saturday. She frowns on collar corrections and prefers to use hand/voice signals instead, techniques that are somewhat different than the GDB training we've received but nonetheless, her procedures probably do work too. We could tell she is a real dog lover and she gave Zane a thorough test. Jan and her helpers obviously knew he was a well behaved dog and he passed the evaluation without any collar corrections anyway. He sure made us proud, that's for sure! So his first hurdle to becomming a "Pet Partner" (therapy dog), is done. Now we need to schedule him for some more testing and evaluations and that's pending. Gary/Dad--- On Sun, 2/22/09, Jan <> wrote:From: Jan <>Subject: ZaneTo: "gary Johnpeer" <>Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009, 9:42 PM Hi GaryThe next step in the Delta Evaluation process is for you to schedule an evaluation with Pam Becker Zane is a wonderful dog and is very soft in nature. He really looks to you for support. Let me know if I can do anything to help you prepare for the Delta Evaluations. Since dogs communicate with body language, I like to be able to cue them both verbally and with hand & body language. This does help them when they are in new and unusual (for them) environments in comprehending what you want them to do. It also helps instill a higher degree of self confidence therefore the dog is more relaxed and at ease.I'm sure Zane will be a wonderful Pet Partner.

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