Monday, February 9, 2009


Good morning fellow canines,

What a week I just completed. Dad was hauling me everywhere and we flew an airplane which to me seemed like a pretty nice bus with lots of great people wanting to bring me treats.

We took off and landed four times on this trip. From Denver to Oklahoma City, then to Dallas Love Field where Aaron picked us up and we met Ebby Halliday then went to Aaron's home and I met Maya, a big Rottweiler. She sure was fun to play with, but she plays rough.

After many other visits to folks, we flew to San Antonio after rushing through Dallas Love Field because we were late, and after all that, the plane was delayed an hour. It was my first experience of walking and jumping off moving sidewalks, but I ran Dad into a concrete pillar and caused him to bleed. I'm so sorry.

The Wousthwest folks were very helpful to stop the bleeding, but I think Dad lost a quart or two of blood. When I slam someone into a pole, I do a good job of it. Heck, I ran him into a overhead arch and cut his head open last week!

We made lots of meetings and met lots of folks, but I had to keep wearing that stupid "gentle leader" on my snout and it sure did bug me. But Dad kept saying that it kept me focused and on task, which I guess is good.

We went to the San Antonio RiverWalk and had some fun walking along the river. I was actually leading two blind guys, but we got to the restaurant safely and back home.

We flew home yesterday and had I really love flying. I just stay relaxed and sleep. There was this "hearing dog" called a Pomeranian on this flight and I took off and said hello to him. He just kept barking at me and making a lot of noise. What a fluffy little thing, but too noisy!

It was good to get home and see Claudia at the airport and Grandma and even Cuzzie at home.

Now Dad wants to give me a grade report on my first real trip:

Following commands and acting when asked to do so: B+
Riding in vehicles and staying calm and relaxed: A
Hoovering in normal harness and leash: D-
Hoovering with gentle leader in place: B+
Recall of paths taken in hotels or homes: C+
Advising Dad of curbs, obstacles, people: B-
Synchronization of working at a team: 75% of expectation

Overall grade for this trip: B-

Well, I got a B at least, that's not too bad, right? I'm just an impetuous teenager! I promise to work hard to get my grades up to all A's!

Warm hugs and licks to all, Parka


Dear Sweet Loveable Zane said...


Your Dad seems a bit stingy with those grades. He probably finalized the grades before the blood stopped flowing which wasn't too considerate of him.

Anyway, as I tell my students, a "B" is, technically, a grade which symbolizes above average work and I think that's pretty darn good for someone who has only been on the job a few months. Let him try on that gentle leader and halter and see how he does! I'd bet his grade would not be "above average" if it was the other way around, would it? One way to look at it is like this: at least you've got room to grow and improve. Otherwise there'd be no way to go but down.

PS: Next time you slip up a bit, be sure to give him some long, brown-eyed, puppy-dog, black lab, female stares. After a couple minutes of that treatment he'll melt down and forgive you no matter what happened. Believe me, I know....been there done that!

Love and slobbery kisses.

Dear sweet loveable Zane.

Becky said...

I think you'll get a higher mark if there isn't any blood. Hope you are both doing well and happy travels.