Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long time, no see!


Sorry for not writing as often as I should, but life here has been pretty laid-back and I've been trying to catch up on some sleep. I'm on guard duty for a few hours a day and I must rest alot so I'll be ready, just in case someone tries to break in. So far, so good. My only problem is that nobody has clearly identified what I should do if there ever is a break in.....perhaps I'm expected to just lick them to death; I'm not really sure... but I keep my 50-caliber hollow-pointed tongue wet, warm, ready, locked and loaded, just in case. Whenever Sayer comes home with Gary, well, I sure get a chance to play hard and that tires me out some more. I love Sayer so much but sadly, I heard Gary tell Vicki that come March 22 he'll likely be sent away to San Rafael for advanced training. Gary has been getting emails from GDB asking about some of his missing paper work, like the paper that proves he's neutered. Gosh, all any body has to do is look and they'll know he's missing some pretty important parts. But Gary found the paper work and is going to email it to them tomorrow. He was also told Sayer needs more Rabies shots before I'm sent back and so he is scheduling that too. I'm beginning to wonder what kind of place it really is up there in San Rafael. I mean do they all run around with rabies or something? Dad, guess what? I'm going to get another job pretty soon. Gary and the others have been checking into the requirements for me to become a Delta Society dog, which is a type of therapy dog. I know I've always been considered a member of high society but this will make it formal, and they'll even get a photo ID of me as proof! Once I'm trained for this program, I'll get to go to hospitals and retirement homes to let people pet me, which I love so much. It'll be good therapy for me to get out and around some more, and they say it's good therapy also for those that will get to pet me. Sounds like a pretty good program, don't you think? Well, I hear the ice maker grinding some ice so I better go check out what's going on. I wouldn't want to miss my nightly ice cube. Say Hi to all, especially Claudia and Grandma and of course that little rug-rat Cuzzie. I miss you all so much.

Love and wet slobbery kisses from dear sweet loveable Zane.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to know that Zane is doing fine and is going to have a satisfying career after all. Good boy!

What are Richard and Parka up to these days? Sure do miss hearing from you guys.