Friday, February 20, 2009

Retirement - just does not last!


I don't think it's fair. I thought I was retired. Now Gary and Vicki are signing me up for some kind of program called Therapy Dogs through a group called Delta Society. Gosh, I have been pretty happy just guarding their house and I thought I was doing a pretty good job. You might recall that I even chased Santa away on Christmas Eve. Now my job description is being expanded and through no choice of mine. I don't think it's fair. So off I went today to the Vet for an embarassing fecal test and they had to take my temperature too (I won't go into the details other than to say they had to life "de tail" in order to take my temperature). By the way, I'm still a slim muscular 65.0 pounder! So if all goes well (according to Gary and Vicki that is), I should be fully qualified in a month or so. Come to think if it, it might not be all that bad as people will again be telling me how handsome I am and that's sure fun to hear. It's been a bit rainy here lately and I've had to be careful not to get wet because I hear I'm a real sweetie and I don't want to dissolve away in rain water. Sugar does that. Stay in touch and give Parka a big hug and a little "besito" from me. Just don't let Coral know I asked you to do that.

Love, Dear sweet loveable Zane.

PS - Zane, you have lots of great ability and I'm glad Gary is giving you a chance to shine again! Love, Dad


Princess Coral said...

Hey Zane! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!:)

Dear Sweet Loveable Zane said...

Dear Princess Coral

Yes, I'm the big dog on the block now....three years old and gray hair and everything. I hope you still will like me even though I am getting that "touch of gray". Everybody says it makes me look "distinguished" which really means "old".

Still hoping we get to meet someday soon.

Take care.

Dear sweet loveable Zane.

Princess Coral said...

Dear Zane, the Distinguished Prince!

Distinguished = Old;
Old = Wise & Sophisticated;
Wise & Sophisticated = Big Step Closer to the Zane Kingdom!!!

You will make tons of people happy in your Therapy Dog Kingdom:D
Hope to see you some time soon!

Your Princess