Thursday, June 23, 2011

Parka - ALSO A Therapy Dog

Parka jumped into bed with Richard's mom
and just let mom pet her.

Dear Zane,

Wanted you to know that I, too, can be a therapy dog!

Richard's mother went into hospice for cancer a few weeks ago and we visit her often.

I decided on my own that it was OK to jump into bed with her and snuggle.

She loves it!

So, someday, when I cannot guide Richard anymore, I, too, can have another career as a therapy dog,
just like you . . .  my hero.


Miss Parka

1 comment:

Zane said...


Boy, are you lucky. You got to get into bed with "Grandma". Vicki and Gary (well, mostly Vicki) won't let me get into beds. Vicki kicks me out whenever she catches me in bed with Gary.

When I visit the hospital, Gary and Vicki let me get up into a chair so I can be about a the same level as the patients I'm visiting. But their rule is that I can't get into the bed or up on to their laps as some have had recent surgeries and I could hurt them.

Till later,

Your California Pal,