Sunday, August 28, 2011

Margaret Faubion Ibison

Maragret Faubion Ibison
Nov 21, 1921 - Aug 10, 2011

   We are sorry to report that Richard's mom passed away on August 10th from bone cancer. She had been in hospice for two months and had received wonderful care and pain relief.

   Margaret loved dogs and had several Chihuahuas in her lifetime. But she also loved both Zane and Parka, as well as our other little Peeka-Boo, Cuzzie.

   We were amazed to see Parka just get into bed with Margaret when she was in hospice and lie quietly next to her t be petted. This gave Mom a lot of comfort and Parka seemed to do it naturally.

   We loved her very much, will miss her spunk and spirit but will continue to be inspired by it.

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Zane said...


Wow....what a great looking "grandma" you gave therapy to. And how good it must have made her feel to have you in bed there next to her. I get to do that kind of work every week at the hospital and so I know it was a two-way street. Didn't she somehow make you feel important too? That's the fun of being a therapy dog.

It's been just about a month now so I'm sure Richard and Claudia are still missing her so very much. Now you need to give some more therapy (in the form of licks and such) to them. They'll miss her forever so stay close to them so they can reach down and feel your warm soft fur whenever they need to. They need that a lot. You might even find they'll slip you a treat or two from their loving hands.

Love ya and miss ya. Wish I could be there to help you right now but it seems you're doing fine on your own.

Till later,