Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hello friends, fans and that handsome dude, Zane,

   Didn't want to wait to let you know I went to the Vet today for a blood test and check up.    All is perfectly normal again! NO liver issues or nothin'! I AM 100% A OKAY!

   Richard and I just got back yesterday from a week in Dallas and Houston where I was, as usual, the main attraction.

   But it was so good to be back home late yesterday afternoon that as soon as I had my dinner, I went right into my cage and laid down on my nice soft pilla and took a nap.

   Well, gotta . . .  there's a nice puddle of warm sunshine coming in the sliding glass door of Richard's office . . . I just LOVE those sun bathes!

Love to all, and especially you, Zane,

Miss Parka


Hobbes Dogs said...

Glad you're all better!

Rufus said...

Hi Miss Parka! My name is Rufus and Zane just recently visited my master at UCI Hospital. She was wondering if she could get a comment from Zane on my blog. She LOVES Zane so much! I am going to be a great therapy dog, just like Zane!

With Wags, Wiggles, and no Whimpers,


Zane Train II - The Parka Express said...

Good morning! I'm really glad that your master got a chance to meet my good buddy, the Zane Train! My dad said he was quite a gude dog as well until he chose to go on strike and become a beach bum in LA! Just kidding of course bca Zane is a wonderful therapy dog now and does so many tricks!
I sent him a message as well about how much your master enjoyed his visit.
I hope your master is doing better and if you see him again, please give him a BIG LICK for me!

Lots of love and licks, Miss Parka

Zane said...


Hi there. This is Zane and I'm so glad to hear from you. I met your master at the hospital and we had such a good visit. I was told all about you and it sounds like you are quite the canine.

I hope your master is doing much better now. I think I said a prayer and that hopefully did the trick.

Stay in touch. Parka and I have our hands full with taking care of Richard in Colorado(Parka) and with all the hospital and other volunteer work I do with Gary and Vicki here in California.

Thanks for writing. And good luck in your goal to become a therapy dog!

Dear old ZANE

Rufus said...

Zane and Miss Parka,

Thank you so much for your comments. When Erin saw them she literally flipped out! I haven't seen her that excited for a while! Thank you so much for making her happy again.


Zane and Parka said...

Hey Rufus

I just remembered that way back in 2009 there was a guide dog for the blind puppy that was being trained at the Guide Dog for the Blind facility in San Rafael California... that's the same place where I spent about 7 months when I was being trained. What a coincidence that there is another dog with your same name.

Take care and don't forget to check in on me once in a while to see what I've been up to. I'm thinking of starting a Facebook site. What do you think of that?

Your Pal

Dear old Zane (and Parka too)!

Rufus said...


I think starting a facebook would be a GREAT idea! Then Erin and I would get updates all the time! That would make her very happy.

It is nice to know that other doggies have the same name as me. Erin seems to like it, so I should too!

Take care,