Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas - Reflections 2009

Hi everyone! I know I've been kind of absent recently, but just been busy with the holidays, vacation, etc. I want to wish everyone a very happy new year and a wonderful Christmas holiday. AND I can't wait to open the present Dad just put under the tree for me! Enjoy our poem below.

Reflections from the Faubions – 2009

Christmas Eve, the bite from the cold stings the skin under a Colorado blue sky.
Eight inches of soft powder adorn the trees, bushes, lawns as back muscles sigh.
Shoveling paths for feet and paws to find that perfect spot in the snow . . .
Dancing and prancing as paws barely touch . . . "Bark, bark! Dad! It’s time to go!"

As '09 draws to a close, the Faubions of Colorado snuggle to stay warm,
Claudia has on her heater, Cuzzie, curled into a ball, Parka caresses the lamb skin pillow yarn,
Richard, with his own "bearskin" coat, wears short sleeves amid a fan for a cool refrain,
Temps in the teens, bright sunshine, flocked trees: it's a Budweiser postcard scene!

This is our home, a Colorado paradise with the Rockies majestically providing the background,
A sprawling Front Range with Denver at its hub, beckoning adventure, independence abounds,
Married in Pagosa, a place we called home for many years, since 2003 enjoying the Mile High,
A patchwork of cultures, citizens are friendly, courteous, yet self-indulgent, we say with a sigh.

Claudia, on 12/31, Baby Boom plus 3, an elder care advisor with A Place For Mom,
Now, 16 months on the job and 90+ move-ins this year, 2009 declared a resounding success,
My eBay business draws to a close as garage, basement and closets are converted to cash,
Refining my skills with David Rock’s "The Brain At Work", clearing my stage with pinnash!

Richard, on 3/2, Baby Boom plus 1, a Director of Development for Rocky Texas
Now, almost four years with FFB, raising money to find preventions, treatments, and cure us!
Teaming with chapter leaders in Houston, San Antonio/Austin, DFW and Denver cities,
Challenges are many as the economy recovers, but good news at last, treatment - restored sight!!

Cuzzie, in January, Baby Boom + 17, the Queen of the kingdom on Elmira Circle land,
I’ve got a cute little tail that curls up on my back that I wiggle and wave as I lead the band,
My soft fur keeps me warm as we wander outside, but my paws step quickly as I park and play,
My bunny and my pillow squeak as we play and tug as mom and dad try to take them away.

And bringing up the rear, Parka, just a young thing, on 12/6, 21, that’s three and a little more
I’m from Portland and Seattle and the Boring campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind, a Labrador,
Black from head to toe, with a slender-sleek face and torso that makes me the Parka Express,
Leading Dad wherever he chooses to go, as he barks commands and I respond in dutiful zest!

Mom, Richard’s that is, moved in August from 6252 to Quincy Place with comfort to spare,
Kicking and screaming that she did not want to go, but now has many friends for daily tet-a-tet.
On 11/21, Baby Boom plus 28, she sports a walker and now a motorized chair, her Cadillac,
As she zooms from place to place with great aplomb, especially the hair dresser weekly whack.

Thanksgiving brought a time of rest to all of the clan as Claudia and Richard flew to the beach,
Relaxing at a Villa del Arco resort in Cabo San Lucas for a week to renew, refresh, and teach,
Learning Spanish daily at a poolside class, muy bien, amigos, Feliz Navidad, time for a drink?
Ahhh, another margarita, Modello Negro, Corona por favor…this is the life, a soothing wink!

Cuzzie spent a week with Jenny, thanks so much for your cuddly care of our treasure,
Parka got a week off-work to play with the Lukacovic puppy clan to romp and endure,
A fun week like a regular Retriever, so it was a rest for all of us to regenerate and renew,
In preparation for 2010, a year that beckons just a few days away, how fast 2009 flew!

Last summer was truly a trip of discovery and adventure from Denver to Yellowstone
By car, with stops in Casper to dine with friends, a B&B overnight stay, a classic home,
We had lunch at Buffalo Bill’s hotel and bar, a Cody landmark, then to the East entrance,
The magic of Yellowstone, its bison, elk, deer, fowl, canyons, rivers, trees and fragrance!

Over Memorial Day, a guide dog reunion was held at the Hampton Inn on Arapahoe,
Kae and Melody from Boston, Larry and Oxford from San Diego with Megan in tow,
Megan and Allard from Houston and puppy raisers and their pups following them all,
Met to share about our challenges and funny stories and how quick the puppies recall.

These are but a few of the travels and excitement for the year for the Faubion clan,
As we move forward into 2010, we have already booked two weeks in Cabo again,
And we plan a trip to Glacier Lake in Montana and Canada too, to enjoy the beauty
Of what America has to offer as we celebrate 10 years as a couple, July 3, with gaity!

Warm regards and blessings to all for a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!

Claudia and Richard, Cuzzie and Parka

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Becky said...

Sounds like a lovely, eventful year! Wishing you the best in 2010.