Thursday, October 15, 2009

La Tissue Bandido!

To all my tree-hugging pups,

Being born in San Rafael and raised in Seattle, my roots are definitely rooted in environmental concerns and ensuring that I help in protecting the use of trees and ensuring that we recycle at all times!

OK, are you getting the picture yet? I like paper in just about any form. I know you might think this is a little nasty, but when I find "used tissus" in a waste basket, I recycle them.

I will either eat most of it which is one form of recycling or bring it to Dad to show him what I've found! He usually gets mad at me and takes it out of my mouth, with some trouble, since I don't let go of it very easily.

Dad found the evidence one day of a big chunk that I took ou of some coffee filters that I found sittiing on a desk. I wonder why those were sitting there, so I thought I would recycle them.

Dad really got made at me when he left his desk to go get some coffee and I saw a piece of tissue paper on his desk that was wrapped around a delicious-looking danish. It even had cream cheese in it. Well, to get to that paper, I had to EAT the danish first and when Dad came back with his coffee, there was the tissue paper on the floor that I was licking and he got real MAD!

Gosh, he tied me down under the desk and was furious! I wonder why? It was just a donut. Right?

I felt bad, but it was good. I never get good stuff like that to eat! Dad finally gave me a hug and said that he should not have put it there for me to consider eating.

Yes, I'm the Tissue Bandit! So they really keep an eye on waste baskets to try and keep me from checking them out and stealing the conttents for a snack.

Love to all, Miss Parka, La Tissue Bandido

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Becky said...

Well, my tissue bandit - sounds like you are getting them trained. My first guide, Pantera, had us trained very well to keep the garbage cans empty. Cricket is an angel she says.