Saturday, April 11, 2009

Parka Express - Adventures update!

Good morning & Happy Easter!

I'm sorry that I have been a little out of communication. You know, Dad has been using that "gentle leader" on me a LOT! Well, it kinda keeps my muzzle wrapped pretty tight, so I've not wanted to do a lot ot talking. I've been busy keeping my mouth shut and doing my job. I still sneak in a little "hoover time" as we walk, but it is much more difficult for me and Dad is really trying to break me of that habit. What can I say, I'm just a hungry girl!

I was sick last week and had to go see the Vet for an upset tummy and lots of other things, that are too messy to talk about. Dad first put me on "chicken & rice, very bland," but was that a nice change in diet. I've been eating a lot of lamb & rice, but it was nice to scale down and eat chicken. Then after seeing the Vet, she gave us some canned food that she claimed was high in fiber. I'm not sure about that, but it was high in ymmy-ness!

My weight was down to 52.5 pounds! I feel more like a racing dog now...sleek and fast! Well, that's why Dad calls me the Parka Express! Dad feeds me 4-5 times per day. It sure seems like I'm getting a LOT of food, but I know it's only 2 heaping cups per day, but I sure do love eating several times per day!

We had a great adventure to San Antonio & Houston, Texas in mid March. What a trip! Dad really packs in a lot of things to do on a trip and we spent a lot of time with a really nice guy named Aaron. Dad said that he is the Event Manager for the Rocky Texas region. We stayed at his house in early February and I really enjoyed their house dog.

Mar. 13: landed in San Antonio, took a cab to Marriott near the River Walk. This was a very nice hotel and I found a good place to potty in the court yard! Aaron, Kristin, Antonea, Dad and I went to dinner on the River Walk and they had yummy Mexican food while I behaved under the table.

Mar. 14: We got started at 5:45 a.m. to attend the San Antonio VisionWalk and I led Dad through the darkness while we set up for the BIG event that morning in Breckenridge Park. A river ran throught he park and Dad and I walked around the area and I chased a couple of ducks away from our path. Over 200 people attended a very cold and rainy morning, in fact, we built a fire in a fire pit under the pavilion. We raised over $120,000 to fund research this day. What a fun time.

We flew to Houston that afternoon and had dinner at Bonnie's with the Houston chapter board. 25 people attended this dinner, board meeting that Dad set up. Once again, I behaved, while everyone else ate!

Mar. 15: We checked out the park where the Houston Walk will be held in the Fall, then went to a meeting at the Houston Lighthouse where 120 people attended to hear the program set up by Dad and Aaron. Wow, I'm getting tired just relating this story.

Mar. 16-17: We met lots of people that Dad used to know when he lived in Houston and even made a presentation to the Harrisburg Rotary Club, where Dad was president in the mid 90's. I was proud of Dad as he made his presentation to the 60 Rotarians in attendance! I was strutting my stuff.

OK, it's time for my grade update for this trip. If you recall, my overall grade was "B-" before:

Following commands and acting when asked to do so: A- (was B+ last time)

Riding in vehicles and staying calm when asked: A (was A last time)

Hoovering in normal harness and leash: C (was D- last time)

Hoovering with gentle leader: A- (was B+ last time)

Recall of paths taken in hotels: B+ (was C+ last time)

Advising Dad of curbs, obstacles, people: B+ (was B+ last time) (still forget curbs sometimes, and run Dad into people when I should shlow down, got to work on that!)

Synchronization and working as a team: 80% of the team (was 75% last time)

Overall Grade for this trip: B (was B- last time)

Dad uses the gentle leader most of the time with me. I wish I did not have such a hunger drive, but you know, I'm just a hungry girl. There are so many things that look appealing along the path. Dad did walk to work with me without the leader, but I kept hoovering and lunging for food a little bit too much and lost my freedom again.

I'll try to be more communicative in the future and I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. In fact, I hope I get to play with Cuzzie's squeaking bunny this weekend! I love taking that toy away from her. I've been giving her a lot of kisses lately, so I'm starting to like that little bundle of excitment!

Lots of hugs, licks and kisses to Becki, Ashley & Caitlin up in Washington!

Love to all, Miss Parka

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