Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zane update & VisionWalk Colorado

Good morning friends,

I am still very sad that Zane was unable to be my partner and support for the 3rd Annual Colorado VisionWalk which was held yesterday in Denver. Almost 500 people and lots of their canine friends participated on a beutiful day in the Rockies. Everyone asked "where is Zane?" It was so difficult to explain that something had happened almost 3 weeks ago and Zane lost his confidence to work.

A report from GDB on Friday indicated that after four attempts to work with Zane failed to get him to work in harness. They reported that Zane is totally his fun-living and playful self, even with his harness on as he ran around the grass paddock, but when the harness is picked up, Zane gets nervous and anxious and does not want to work. This is so sad. Zane was such a GREAT guide dog.

The instructors at GDB will give him one more week to respond and get back on track. I request everyone to pray for a miracle and for Zane to restore his confidence. Thanks for your support.

Regarding the Colorado VisionWalk, we started yesterday at $95,035 raised and after lots of money came in from all the walkers and teams, we are somewhere around $110,000 raised. We have to post all of this information to the website to confirm how much new money came in. We will continue to keep counting money well into October and November to reach our goal of $125,000!

Thanks everyone for your support for the mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness to find preventions, treatments and cures for retinal degenerative diseases!

Keep praying and help bring Zane back to Denver.

Love, Richard


Lisa and Ellie said...

Sending many prayers for Zane's restoration of confidence. You can do it Zane! Thanks for the update - hope the next update is full of great news

Princess Coral said...

Hi Richard,

Congrats on the successful Vision Walk! But so so sorry that Zane wasn't there with you... Of course, we're praying hard so Zane can come back to you soon! You were one of the best teams in our class! So I do believe that the instructors can restore Zane's confidence again!

Best wishes,

Nikki & Coral

Princess Coral said...


Can I copy and share your post with some of our classmates? I talked to Megan yesterday, and she's also praying for you guys. Also I was going to give her your number, but I lost your home number... would you call me or email me???

Thank you,


Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

We'll be thinking of you and Zane. I really hope the trainers at GDB are able to help him do what he was so good at again! Good luck.

Alyssa said...

Hi Richard. Someone on the GDBLounge list who knows you from class mentioned you the other day and the trial you are currently facing with Zane. Everyone on the list is hoping for the best. Personally, I will be keeping you guys in my prayers that everything works out.

By the way, just to introduce myself... My name is Alyssa, and I am a college student hoping to get a guide from GDB in the near future! Right now, I just read as much about GDB as I can, and that includes lots of blogs.

Megan and Spanky said...

Hi Richard,
I just discovered your blog today. I am a puppy raiser for GDB. I am so sorry to hear about Zanes confidence issues. Just wanted you to know that you and he are in my thoughts. I will pray that your boy will get to come home soon. Fingers and Paws (in Spankys case) crossed for you and Zane.
Megan & Spanky
p.s. Do you mind if I link to your blog?

Zane Train said...

Lisa & ellie - thanks so much for your concern and encouragement. I wish I could actually hug Zane right now and share this with him.

Coral & Nikki - thanks for the good wishes for VisionWalk. It was a fabulous event and I really wanted Zane to be part of it. The Zane Train has raised over $450 and still counting. Thank you!

Coral, you can share the Zane Train blog with everyone! Please do! Zane, I know, wants to be back home so all the prayers will help him I'm sure.

Spike & tahoe, The staff at GDB is fantastic and very dedicated and I know if it can be done, they can make it happen. But all your support is truly appreciated.

Alyssa, it's great to know that the staff at GDB remember Zane and what a great dog he is! Let's get him back on track ASAP. Zane has written tons of experiences about being a guide dog including his training. Be sure to read back through the past blogs. I hope you find them useful and good luck on getting your guide dog!

Megan & Spanky, thanks for your good wishes and prayers. Gary, Zane's puppy raiser, is really praying for Zane's quick restoration to confidence as well. You puppy raisers have done great work in making these dogs ready. Check back a couple of months if you would like to read about Zane's puppy raising experience.

Thanks everyone again! This really supports me in this difficult time. I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Love, Richard and Zane

Brittany said...

All my fingers are crossed that Zane can have his confidence restored! I have really enjoyed your posts. The Vision Walk sounds like a great thing, thanks for posting about it!

Becky said...

Richard ...

Cheering you and Zane on from Utah -- so sorry to hear about the challenge you are going through.

All the best - Becky & Cricket

Zane Train said...


Thank you so much for all your prayers for Zane. I find this to be a wonderful team effort to take a "paws" and pray.

Lift up those prayers to God and He will create a miracle if it's in His will.

Bless everyone and your great guides, Love Zane & Richard