Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zane returns to San Rafael

Good morning fellow handlers,

Zane is not here to write about this new development in his life. Therefore, this is Richard, with a very heavy heart and a very SAD disposition, bringing Zane's fans up to date.

I flew with Zane on Tuesday, 9/16, to San Francisco to return Zane to GDB so he could be rehabilitated. Zane has not been working in harness, in fact, flat refusing to work. Therefore, I had to use my white cane as I healed Zane through the airport to meet the volunteer for his return to San Rafael.

It was a very difficult moment when I finally had to turn the leash over to the volunteer. I cried my eyes out as Zane gave me BIG LICKS and hugs, but this had to be done so that he could be restored to his normal self and returned to me ASAP.

What happened? On 9/3, while visiting the park where the Colorado VisionWalk will be held on Sept. 27, Zane and I were startled by a big dog. I'm not sure if that is exactly when it happened, but I noticed that he started working faster than normal and not responding to commands as he normally does. He worked erratically after that moment, in fact, sitting down and not wanting to work at all.

A former GDB instructor who lives in the Denver area, came out the next week to work with us and Zane would not work in harness. Therefore, it was decided that he had to be returned to San Rafael for rehabilitation.

Master Instructor, Brenda Schafer, is now in charge of rehabilitating him. Paolo will be giving me weekly updates on Fridays and this past Friday only had a short report because Brenda had worked with him for only one time. Zane was nervous and lacked confidence in harness. There are many factors that they could attribute to this, but let's pray that it is the change of scenery and handler.

Next Friday will be a critical report to see how well he has recovered. I ask everyone to pray for a quick recovery and restoration to his normal self and be returned right away to Denver and ME. His entire family mises him, including Claudia, Grandma and Cuzzie!

I know yesterday that I wanted to call Zane on my cell phone to see how he is doing. It's tough not being able to communicate, hug, kiss and love up Zane.

Wishing Zane much positive energy and restoration,

Love, Richard


Lisa and Ellie said...

Wishing Zane a quick rehab so you can be working together as soon as possible. Lots of thoughts and prayers being sent to the both of you!

Zane Train said...

Lisa & Ellie,

That is so kind of you to respond and wish Zane well. Thank you so much for caring. I miss Zane so much. I keep stepping over him, but he's not there beside my bed.

Keep those prayers lifted up!

Warmest regards, Richard

Princess Coral said...

Dear Richard & Zane,

We're sending our best prayers to you. Hope Zane comes back ASAP.

Lots of Love & Licks

Nikki & Coral

Becky said...

Richard ... I am so sorry to hear about Zane being in San Rafael. Sending our love. I do understand somewhat - Pantera was in OR campus for three weeks due to surgery after I had her for a year -- so hard. Hoping he will be back very soon. Becky

Zane Train said...

Pantera & Coral,

So good to hear that you are praying for Zane's quick rehabilitation. He does not have me to HUG him every morning as he sleeps in kennel cages.

I appreciate your prayers and love for Zane. Guide Dogs Unite!

Stay tuned for the update this Friday. This will be a critical day in his rehabilitation.

Thanks for all your love, kindness and concern.

Love, Richard

Anonymous said...


Richard has been keeping me up to date on your "rehab" up there at the GDB campus in San Rafael, and I hope he'll share this message with you. Gosh, it sounds like you're on some kind of drug therapy or something! What's Richard been doing with you anyway?

Seriously though, you have us all quite concerned. So our thoughts and best wishes are with you as you go back to college for some touch up work. I know you so well, as do Vicki and the kids; and now Richard and his loved ones know you just as well, so we're all confident as can be that you'll get straight "A's" and you'll soon be returned to Denver and your new family that is so worried about you. San Rafael campus is a nice place but Fall is here and the Winter snows will soon fall in Denver. Richard sure can't wait till his buddy is back to guide him around the snow banks.

We Love you so much....the Johnpeers (your "first family".

Zane Train said...


What is this about a "drug bust?" Maybe he got too many kibble and doggie biscuits?

Thanks for your kind words and concern for his quick rehab.

I will keep you posted. I sure wish I could call Zane on the phone and talk to him?

Oh well, this Friday is soon.


Anonymous said...


Drugs, huh? Maybe someone has been inhaling too much grass?

We here in Boston are sending lots of tummy rubs & kisses your way. Get your act together SOON! Everyone wants to see you happily back in your place with Richard & Claudia & the rest of the family. You hold such a special place in so many hearts! And, besides that, no other dog does as good a "frog dog" as you do! You know that Cuzzi can't even come close, right?

Be well, you handsome dog, you! Mom and I want to see you and Richard at the next GDB reunion, God willing! You are in our prayers.

Love from your favorite Blonde,

Melody (formerly "Muffy") and her mom, Kae