Monday, September 1, 2008

ZTC1: From Puppy Days to College Daze!

Fellow Freshmen Collegiates,

As I sat inside that cage, I was really perplexed. I had been having the time of my life. Now, I was sitting inside a truck, feeling like a caged lion whose freedom had just been taken away.

Where was I going? Why did Gary and Vicki put me on this truck? I did not want to leave them. Have I done something wrong? All of these questions and no answers.

Gary was crying. Why was he sad? I was the one that was sad. Was I never to return? Oh, the pain I felt in my heart. I just laid my head down in the cage and cried myself to sleep. Gary called it the "puppy truck" and said we were heading back to San Rafael, where I was born.

San Rafael, where is that? Will I be going to stay with a new family? Why did Gary and Vicki get rid of me?

That was certainly the saddest day of my life.

As we approached San Rafael, I started hearing the sounds of lots of dogs barking. I seemed to remember this sound. Could I have been here before?

My heart started pounding, my tail started wagging, and I was feeling a sense of exhilaration and excitement.

Oh gosh, is this where I was born? Maybe Zippy and Zeus would be here.

Then we turned into the campus and I knew what Gary had been talking about. This must be college!

I saw the sign at the entrance, "Guide Dogs for the Blind." It was then I realized that I would be starting a whole new adventure in my life.

As we unloaded from the truck, the person who put a leash on me was a "Canine Welfare Technician (CWT)." Welfare? Is this some government program?

I found out later as I listened inside my kennel cage that it was the job of the CWT to help make sure all the returning dogs get what they need: attention, kennel enrichment, play time, etc.

How could anyone give me as much attention as Gary did? Gary took me everywhere in his Jeep. I felt like I was part of the upholstery.

The CWTs were actually a lot of fun and took us into a big area to play, to run and chase Kongs and rubber rings. It seemed like we were playing all the time!

My eyes lit up as I thought about all the other dogs that were there to play with. I really enjoyed stealing things from Marcel, but now I could fight for the dog toys with all my fellow freshman. This was really going to be fun and maybe not such a bad change after all.

I knew that I would never forget the great time that I had with the Johnpeers, but now I was at college, enjoying my freshman days of getting to know the campus, all the instructors and CWTs that had been making such a fuss over me. I was really feeling special.

My new kennel home was a very stimulating environment, with lots of noise and dogs everywhere. Zippy and Zeus were there, too, and I got to play with them!

But I kept wondering: what's next for me? My mind was all a whirl. Oh well, it was time to eat. Yummy.

Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! Hey, do I get a freshman beanie?!


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Princess Coral said...

Zane, you remember everything so well! Yes, it was a sad moment to say bye to the puppy raisers...

Looking forward to hearing more of your story:)