Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Journey to Grand Junction, Colorado

Colorado National Monument, SW of Grand Junction

Good Morning from Colorado's Western Slope!

I have been well-trained to ensure that Dad does not step into any holes and to let him know when there is a grade change along the walk way. Check out this picture of Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction. Dad didn't even let ME out of the car here! It was a VERY long way down.

Last weekend, Mom, Grandma, Dad and I really enjoyed our trip to the Western Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The purpose of our trip as to enjoy the Palisade Peach Festival. And we did. We went to Palisade on Thursday night for peaches and ice cream. I did my best to get a lick into that bowl, but was not successful. Darn!

There was a big band orchestra playing on a stage set up right on Main Street, swinging a lot of tunes that Mom & Dad really enjoyed. (They took dance lessons when they lived in Pagosa Springs.) Mom and Dad went right out into the street and were swinging all over the place.

Dad kept tapping his foot really close to my right paw and I had to keep an eye on that foot.

Grandma watched with joy on her face as she comfortably relaxed in her new transport chair that we had bought for her earlier in the day. Now, she can just keep rollin' along and not get tired!

We drove up to the Grand Mesa and saw many beautiful high mountain lakes. We were at 11,000 feet and I was really high on the fresh air and all the great smells. I found a great bush to crawl into and go potty. Ah . . . heaven.

That afternoon, we attended the Peach Festival again in the town's park. It was fun checking out all the booths and goodies. I got to drink some water from a water fountain that had a doggie bowl at the bottom. Cool beans!

As the sun set in the west, we visited the Colorado National Monument which was unbelievable. I had to keep pulling Dad away from the edge as he tried to look down into the canyon to see the amazing rock formations.

Gary, the geologist, (and my puppy raiser Dad) would have been in heaven! For some reason, he loves all rocks! I was so scared that Dad was going to get too close. That's a BIG hole Dad!

At one of those high mountain lakes, Dad let me off the leash for a while and I found some kind of strange tasting stuff. Mom saw me eating it and I had to cough it up. My tummy was a little upset that night. Ugh.

The trip back to Denver was exciting for Mom and Grandma. As we drove up over Vail Pass, it was snowing, sleeting, raining and the roads were slushy. Mom said that her hands were sore from gripping the wheel so tight.

Grandma was amazed at all the white-covered mountain slopes that had been green on the way out. Remember, she's been in Texas for quite a long time, so seeing snow in August was quite an exciting sight.

As they say in Colorado, if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it's sure to change!

Check out our photo gallery of our trip at:

It was good to be back home and fight Cuzzie for chew time on the bones. (MY bones, by the way. I'm such a prince when it comes to sharing.)

She came home from Aunt Jenny's with a brand new stuffed bunny. My eyes just lit up at the sight of this new toy! I got my mouth on it after a while and was running all over the house, keeping it away from Cuzzie. She chased me, and Dad finally took it away from me. Bummer. I was having such a good time.

This was a great getaway weekend for all of us. It's really a great state, Colorado!

I think I want to see the beach next . . . like in LA! How about it Gary?

Hugs and Licks,


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Princess Coral said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation!!! I'd love to visit CO one day!