Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sense - Abiities #10 - A Whole New World

Good day my friends,

Dad hopped on board the Zane Train! Now, I get to look back over my shoulder every now and then and see what Dad is doing while I walk along the streets or sidewalks. It is so great to see him so relaxed and calm and just enjoying the ride.

Dad says that having a guide dog is truly a major change in his life. He is more relaxed because he has such confidence in me and my ability to keep him aware of possible dangers.

He is able to listen more carefully to the birds that are chirping along the way. His sense of the sounds around him are like music to his ears, like listening to the wind whistling through the leaves and rustling the branches as we walk through them. There are times that he gets so relaxed that I can tell that he is almost surprised that we have reached a particular corner.

Now THAT'S relaxed!

His sense of sight can now be more focused on things that are going on around him. When using a cane, he has to stay pretty focused on the task at hand.

Dad only has about two degrees of central vision remaining so I am so proud that I give him the opportunity to use that sight to enjoy the surroundings while he still can.

He now sees the flower beds and shrubs that he is passing and can actually look at them for more than a split second.

That's what I contribute . . . makes me feel great.

Dad and I are a real TEAM.

Go, Team!

Love and licks,


PS Stayed tuned for the next series: we go back in time to when I leave my puppy raiser family and head off to "college" - I get my final training in becoming the best darn guide dog on the planet, and end up with Richard!

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Princess Coral said...

Go Team! You guys are awsome!