Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's not Jeb - It's Jed!

Hey guys . . . here's a good one!

Katie was reading over some paperwork for that new guide dog puppy Gary and Vicki just got . . . you remember . . . the one they said was named "Jeb".

I always did think that "Jeb" was a strange name for a dog but I kept my mouth shut to be polite.
Katie asked Gary, "What's his name supposed to be?"

Gary said, "Jeb."

Katie looked closer at the paperwork and said, "Guess what? It's "Jed", not "Jeb".

Gary is embarrassed because he sent out emails to everybody telling them the name was Jeb. So now everybody here is trying to remember to call the little guy by his proper name. Gary now calls him "Jed, the Little Jedi."
Gosh, you'd think that two grown people could get a dog's name straight. Now I'm worried that my name might be wrong, too! Guess I better go check my paperwork. I sure hope my name isn't "Shane" or something.
PS: I'm starting to like the little guy . . . he's kinda cute but pretty dumb right now. He only knows how to sit.

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