Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hey Bro! Sayer graduates!

Good morning dudes,

I am a proud sister-in-law! Dad's first guide's step-brother, Sayer, has graduated from GDB!

Zane and I know what it takes to do that and it is such a great accomplishment.

Congrats, Sayer and especially to Gary and the gang and all the love they shared to make him such a great guide dog!

Congrats to Kathy Wheeler for graduating as well. I know she must be a special lady!

Gary, thanks for sharing so many pictures of your trip to San Rafael. I graduated in Spring, but I'm sure that San Rafael is a nice place. I know that Dad really liked his time there when he got Zane.

Here's what Gary shared about their whirlwind trip to San Rafael to see Sayer graduate from Guide Dog school and to meet Kathy Wheeler who got him.

"We met Kathy and her son and daughter-in-law and they were very gracious and so appreciative of getting Sayer. It's her second guide dog and you can tell she is a dog lover and that Sayer is in good hands. He sure looked handsome and we were so proud of him."

Well, it's nice to have some new members of the growing Zane Train family. Congrats Sayer!

Best wishes and thanks Gary and the Johnpeers,

Miss Parka

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Princess Coral said...

Congrats to Sayer & the growing Zane-Train family!