Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jellystone Park & the Teetons!

Howdy everybody,

Can you believe it? Dad and Mom finally took a vacation and took me along. I have to admit that I did a LOT of laying on the back floorboard, but they were kind to me. They gave me two pillows. One for my body to lay on and another one over the hump, kind of folded up where I could lay my head on it and get lots of scritches from Mom & Dad along the way. I was actually pretty comfortable!

We left on July 1st for Casper, WY, to spend the night in a cute bed and breakfast which was actually in a converted apartment in the basement of this cottage. I had a BIG kitchen to eat my food in and Mom took me on walks while Dad was soaking in the HOT tub. There was another dog there, but I kind of intimidated him so he stayed away from me.

We went to dinner with some friends to the Casper Petroleum Club and it was really swanky. The food was delicious...don't tell anyone that I scooped up some crumbs that hit the floor.

The next morning, we drove up the Wind River Canyon to Cody and then over to Jellystone Park. I heard Dad say that this place has two million acres. Thankfully we did not walk them all. We saw lots of canyons, hot springs, geysers. This picture at Old Faithful from the Lodge 2nd floor observation deck. Cool!

We stayed in a condo in West Yellowwstone, which gave me plenty of room to play tug with Dad with my Kong and Ring. I love that Dad likes to play tug and keeps telling me "he's gonna get my Kong or my Ring." I love it when he chases me, too!

Mom and Dad had their 9th anniversary lunch at the Old Faithful Lodge while I took a nap. There was a big rain storm that night, but we were safe inside the condo with the windows rattling. Dad said they had four TV channels to start with, but after the storm blew out the Idaho Falls feed, we were down to one channel. That meant more play time with me, I loved it!

On July 4th, we drove south past the Teeton Mountains. I know I spelled it wrong, but I got to tee-tee at the base of them! They were pretty awesome to behold. We drove along the upper Wind River and Shoshone River to Lander in central WY. They were all booked up with no place to stay, so we headed for Rawlins and ended up in Rock Springs for the night.

I got to see all sorts of fireworks that night. People got out of their cars and were shooting off fireworks all around us. Then the big show started at the Rock Springs fairgrounds and it was beautiful. Mom took lots of pictures with her new camera.

We got back to Denver in the afternoon and I was pooped. I just found my rug and pillow and took a long nap. Then it was time to play again!

What a great trip! Dad and Mom really needed the rest! (Mom didn't really get much - she drove 1628 miles in five days!)

Happy summer to everyone. Hope ya'll have great vacations and rest.

Lots of licks and tummy rubs!

Miss Parka

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Becky said...

We were there over Memorial Day and enjoyed the fun, too.