Monday, May 25, 2009

Rowdy Reunion Party - Part II

Good morning fellow partners and pups,

The BIG party is coming close to an end according to Dad. I know I'm pooped from having to work with all these guide dogs. We were really racing through downtown Denver yesterday trying to see who would take the lead down the 16th Street mall.

The morning started with breakfast at Gunther Tooties and Dad seemed to really enjoy his eggs, French toast and bacon. I kept hoping he was going to drop something on the floor, but he did not. Everyone else ate well and then we drove down the various Denver neighborhoods to show off the city.

We got down to the 16th Street mall where pedestrians, partners and their pups walk all around the street going all directions with only buses passing every now and then. There were lots of humans everywhere with the Denver Art Festival in full swing.

We stopped at Starbucks for some special drinks and all of us even got a cup of water as it was preety hot working in downtown with the temperature in the 70's.

We finally headed back to the van, but on the way, a LOUD clap of thunder and lightning scared all of us and Claudia said that everyone jumped about 3 feet since it hit only about a block away from us. Then it started to rain and I felt like I was back in Dallas where ir rained cats and dogs last weekend during the VisionWalk.

We dodged the drops and got back to the van and hopped in and headed back to the hotel. After dropping off the other partners, Dad got a haircut and Mom took me for a walk. That was fun leading her and showing her what I can do.

Everyone took a nap and then got together for dinner pizza and beer and then we watched a movie, Seven Pounds, which Dad said was a little strange, but somewhat entertaining.

Now, everyone is getting ready to head back to the airport for their return to their respective cities. What a great weekend we have had. Oh man, Dad left me home since the van was a little crowded, but I saw them all last night and said good night!

Everyone loaded up and headed to the airport and we dropped everyone at Southwest airlines where Larry would be first to leave at 10:30. We took one last picture at the airport and said our good-byes and hugs.

Dad said that he asked everyone to write or email their thoughts and experiences that we would post on my blog. That will be fun to see what Meli, Ox and Al thought!

I'm pooped! I[m getting back into my kennel cage and resting now. Good day everyone! Thanks for the rowdy party!

Love to all, Miss Parka


Princess Coral said...

Hi Ms. Parka,
Sounds like you guys had a great time! We missed out a lot... Well, there's always the next time; I hope so!

Becky said...

Sounds like so much fun. Glad you had a great time with your classmates.

Zane said...

Hey, how come I wasn't invited to the reunion?

Well dad, I'll bet you thought I had forsaken you for not writing for so long, but hey, I've been busy too. Here's the story.

When I was "retired" from the GDB program, I thought I had it made. Two square meals a day and only light guard duty in between lots of hugs and praises. It was a pretty good life even though there was always the threat that Gary and Vicki were going to "put me back to work" again. A couple months ago they made me take a preliminary test called Canine Good Citizen and of course I passed with flying colors. I thought Gary wouldn't follow through with the threat of having me evaluated as a Therapy Dog with the Delta Society, which is the second step. Guess what? Yesterday was the big day and again I passed a pretty strenuous test, not once, but twice as Katie also wants to use me as a therapy dog. Gary tried to call you right away to give you the good news (not so good news for me though) and you must have been on an airplane or something because your phone recording came on. So he called Claudia and bragged he about me for about 20 minutes and so I assume by now you know. I will be getting my official picture ID and new green jacket in a couple weeks. They sure are proud of me and I think already I've been giving them good therapy just by being around them.

Since the test was so long (and they thought strenuous; although it was really not hard for me) they gave me a half-hour break between the test with Gary and the testing with Kate. During that time, they tested a parrot but the parrot failed! Yes, I beat out a parrot about that?

I'm sending a picture they took of me (separately) after the testing was done. I hope you can reconize me in the green jacket! Anyway, I'm kinda of looking forward to getting out in public again as this retirement thing isn't really all it's touted to be....too much time just sitting around isn't good for the soul.

I love you and miss you and I sure hope you can get to southern California some day soon so I can give you a big slobbery kiss.

Give Claudia and Grandma a big hug from me and of course, Parka too. She sure is a beauty isn't she?

Love from your dear old loveable innocent Zane.